10 Video Marketing and Advertising Trends for 2024

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Video marketing is a technique rapidly gaining popularity, used by many businesses and brands. This technique is very useful as people tend to remember videos long after watching, especially if they are catchy or of high quality. If you want to promote your brand then video marketing and animated video may be the best decision you can make. If we look at statistics of 2022 for example, 88% of business owners that experimented with video marketing are satisfied by the ROI. 73% of consumers claimed that they look for the social media presence of a brand when deciding on a purchase. The use of video marketing has increased a lot in 2023 and will continue to do so into 2024. Video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year. They have achieved a 54% increase in brand awareness by using service or product explainer videos.

Growth of Video Marketing in 2024

It is expected that by 2024 online videos will provide more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic. It is calculated that by 2024 Gen Z will involve 40% of consumers by using video marketing. The use of video marketing has revolutionised the way we purchase products and services. Video is a storytelling medium and it makes advertisements more compelling for viewers. There are many new techniques in the field of video marketing. Lets examine some below:

1- Videos eLearning

Tutorials can position your brand as an expert. The use of well produced product or service explainer videos increases knowledge of the viewer about your particular product or service. Popular video platforms include YouTube, Vimeo, Skillshare, The Great Courses, or Udemy for example. There are many professional learning contents available for free, as well as on paid platforms. eLearning videos give value to your audience. It is the most suitable way to increase knowledge of the audience about the usage of any product or service and increase traffic to a business website as a result. Working with a video production company can help leverage eLearning.

2- Use of vertical videos

Many people spend more time-consuming content on phone as compared to their computers or tablets.


  • The new IGTV (Instagram Television) is a tool to upload vertical of different time duration. The time duration varies from 15 seconds to 60 minutes.
  • With the use of IGTV, the same vertical videos can be uploaded on YouTube.
  • The use of IGTV has increased viewers as a user can see these types of animated explainer videos on their mobile devices.
  • The use of Facebook video marketing is rapidly gaining traction as well since 2022 and absolutely will going forward into 2024

3- Vlogging technique

It is a popular video trend. It can be especially seen on YouTube. YouTube video marketing has been a trend for almost a decade. YouTube is the most trafficked and watched video platform online.


  • Companies use the technique of Vlogging to bring the customers close to their brand.
  • You can easily humanize your brand by using this technique.
  • This technique has great value for your company’s HR team.
  • You can show the customer the day of your office and tell them every aspect of the launch of the product.

4- Easy to shop videos

The customers know about the photos they use to shop. The coming year has a trend of shopping through videos. It is a great success in video marketing. Many companies provide animated explainer videos for their users and while watching the video they make up their minds to buy the product.


  • The videos provide direct access to the website of the company and the viewer can purchase the product.
  • In this, a hyperlink is provided and the user can click on the link to go for online shopping page.

video production company5- Reality augmented videos

The use of interactive videos may not work for every company. Some companies can use VR such as interior design companies. This trend is most suitable for service explainer videos.


  • The viewer can go through a virtual trip by using VR. He can view the studio of any interior design company.
  • The product of the company can be viewed by the customers which will, of course, increase the traffic to the company’s website.

Video marketing and messaging

Another type of trend expected to be seen in 2024 is to target the segmented audience through messaging.


  • The messaging will make the reach of the customer to product easy.
  • In YouTube video marketing people who like the video share or subscribe to the YouTube channel. You can send messages easily from their given record.

7- Use of Instagram stories in videos

The Instagram stories are considered the most authentic one on social media. If you are making an animated explainer video and you add an Instagram story to that you will be able to achieve more customer reviews. This will create a better and more personal relationship between the customer and the brand. The customer will have trust in the brand.

8- Google Ads and video campaign

Google videos appear mostly on YouTube and other Display Network sites.


  • YouTube is the second most viewed search engine.
  • The trend of providing videos on Google Ads will be common in 2024. It is because Google is a great platform for video marketing. The statistics of 2023 show that the marketers are highly satisfied with this medium of marketing.

9- Long form of videos

It is a common observation that short videos failed to attach the customers emotionally will the brand. The user ignore the short videos. So, marketers are shifting towards videos of more than 15 minutes so they may be able to engage the customer properly. In 2017 about 80% of videos under 5 minutes were ignored.

10- Soundless social videos

Most of the people use many social websites. They usually do not use headsets during watching the videos. They like to mute the video and have a look. The videos with no sound will be in trend in 2024 to meet the requirement of the viewers. These types of videos will have subtitles they can easily be read by the viewer.

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