30 Best Guerilla Marketing Campaigns


Website Hosting Services New YorkNeed help branding your business or with logo design? We’re leading logo designers in New York and Toronto. Guerilla marketing captivates viewers’ attention like no other form of marketing can by using innovative and unconventional strategies. Consumer interest has waned in the traditional channels of advertising primarily because the content is predictable and boring. The name of this particular type of publicity comes from Jay Conrad Levinson’s 1984 book of the same name. Wildly popular because of its fresh and daring content, guerilla marketing is most often used in large cities such as New York, Tokyo, and Toronto among others.

Seeking Emotional Response

Guerilla marketing connects with potential consumers in ways that get them to remember the advertised products or services in enticingly new and interesting ways. This type of advertising often causes very physical responses in viewers including everything from smiles and laughter to standing slack jawed staring at the advertisement. Always clever, often large and over the top these publicity strategies often trigger a delightful surprise and shock in the viewer that makes them talk about the ad they saw as well as purchase the product.

guerilla marketing advertising strategyGuerrilla Marketers’ Surprising Ideas

Consumers are starved for new and unconventional types of content and the quirky, high impact visuals of this strategy do not disappoint. Often highly affordable, this type of publicity can be a real game-changer for small businesses that allows them to compete and win against big business. The lasting impressions that this creative strategy leaves in the consumer’s mind drives up word of mouth and can even lead to consumers sharing images of the ad on social media for further free exposure.

Take A Look For Yourself

Words simply cannot conceptualize the appeal of guerrilla marketing. Explore the photo gallery below and discover for yourself the delight and lasting impression these ads can leave on you. From strikingly visual to unconventionally leaving literal impressions of product names on potential consumers these images can inspire endless ideas for your business.

Guerrilla marketing for King Kong 3D on the beach
Guerrilla marketing for King Kong 3D on the beach

Mr. Clean Guerilla Marketing
Mr. Clean pulls off a great guerrilla marketing gag on a city crosswalk

Repurposing door handles for beer mugs
Repurposing door handles for beer mugs

Guerilla Marketing Techniques - The Copenhagen Zoo
Awesomely eye-catching marketing on a city bus

mcdonalds guerilla marketing
Creative McDonalds street crossing french-fries advertisement.

McDonalds Coffee Cup guerilla marketing
Creative McDonalds street crossing Coffee Cup advertisement.

Mcdonalds coffee guerilla marketing
Mcdonalds coffee guerilla marketing on streep lamp

Watch bus guerilla marketing advertising
Watch on bus guerilla marketing advertising example

Adidas Shoe Box Pop-up Shop Guerilla Marketing
Adidas Shoe Box Pop-up Shop Guerilla Marketing

Apple iphone guerilla marketing
Apple iphone guerilla marketing on escalator

Bounty Guerilla Marketing Advertising
Bounty Street Guerilla Marketing Advertising

Lego Guerilla Advertising Billboard
Lego Guerilla Advertising Billboard

National Geographic Guerilla Marketing
National Geographic Guerilla Marketing on Escalator

Simpsons guerilla marketing
Simpsons guerilla marketing on escalator

paint guerilla marketing on street lamp
Paint guerilla marketing on street lamp

paint guerilla marketing
Paint guerilla marketing advertising on street
Mondo pasta creative guerrilla ads
Mondo pasta creative guerrilla ads

Nivea Bench creative advertising
Nivea Bench creative advertising

Braun Oral B Guerilla Ad
Braun Oral B Guerilla Ad on Street Cleaner

Fedex Guerilla Marketing on Bus
Fedex Guerilla Marketing on Bus

Guerilla Ad Banner Beside Elevator
Guerilla Ad Banner Beside Elevator
Allstate guerilla marketing
Allstate guerilla marketing in parking lot

Guerilla marketing billboard example
Guerilla marketing billboard on road tunnel

gun advertisement billboard
Gun advertisement billboard

Weight watchers guerilla marketing
Weight watchers guerilla marketing

nose trimmers guerilla marketing
Nose trimmers guerilla marketing on fence

KitKat Guerilla Advertising
KitKat Guerilla Advertising on Park Bench

Lego Guerilla Advertising
Lego Guerilla Advertising on Skyscraper

Silbermans fitness center
Silbermans fitness center ad billboard

Miele Vaccum Guerilla Marketing
Miele Vaccum Guerilla Marketing on Road tunnel
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