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article-website-content-narrationArticle narration services provide benefits to a wide range of individuals. While it is commonly known that people who are visually impaired utilize narration to read what they cannot see, narration also appeals to those who would simply rather not read text on a tiny mobile screen or don’t have the patience to read long website articles.

Capture Reader’s Attention

Your website’s content and imagery has approximately five to ten seconds to capture a reader’s attention before you’ll lose them to another site. Article narration services offer an easy to click “Narrate” button that can read the article to your visitor for far longer, and in a much more engaged way. Increased rates of time spent on your web page positively correlates to increases in sales.

Professional Narration Services

Add some pizazz to an article that could be a long, boring read with a narration option. Not only does narration add flair to your website, it also makes consuming your content easier and more enjoyable for your consumers. The spike in audiobook purchases, podcasts, and other digital media demonstrates just how much the average person enjoy narration options. Thought Media’s Professional narration services go beyond simply reading the text. Professional narrators take a story-telling approach to their narration, adding different voices and intimations to attract and keep the attention of your consumers.

Mobile Narration and Google Search

One of the best features of article narration is that it relieves the stress of having to read large amounts of text on the small mobile screen. With so much time being spent in front of small (and even large) screens eye fatigue has become an epidemic. Some people can’t even focus on a small screen after the workday. The rapid growth of mobile device use in Google Search is outstanding, far surpassing that of desktop computers, and laptops. Mobile users are also 5x more likely to abandon a website if they are not fully engaged! All the more reason to consider Article narration services from Thought Media!

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