Custom Website Design vs Theme Website Design


As an entrepreneur or individual representing an organisation, you are continually looking how to save money and make your business grow. When you think of increasing the online presence and brand awareness of your business, your website needs to represent the professional image of your organisation. The more professional your business appears, the more creditable and respectable it will appear as well.Custom Web Design

Most online users does not comprehend the difference between the creation of a Custom Web Design, or Custom WordPress Theme, or using an existing WordPress Theme/Template. Today, we’ll quickly explain the difference and clear-up any confusion.

Custom Website Design:

A custom website is created from scratch — the information structure, graphics, navigational structure, functions, and back-end structure, etc. are all designed on the basis of client’s unique requirements. Often we build custom website designs on CorePHP/HTML5/CSS3 with MYSQL database backend.


  • Clients can have significantly more contribution into the design and we can tailor it to their needs.
  • Starting from scratch is always easier as it allows maximum customisation.
  • Gives the chance to develop our own plugins and frameworks that may be proprietary to the specific website project
  • As a professional, it’s essential to follow new trends and technologies. So, creating something new is always a great idea!


DisadvantagesCustom Web Design Services

  • More Graphic Design & Web Development work is needed
  • Can be significantly more costly
  • Can take more time

With particular functionality specifications and a desire to design, a custom website solution is the perfect choice.

Template Website Design:

There are numerous alternatives for individuals who want to develop their own websites and one of the widely used options is to set up a WordPress website and then choose a template. A theme or a site builder can help you set up a website easily and quickly with no technical skills required.

Something to Consider: Numerous themes have built-in functionality and features you won’t use and finally may weigh your website down. You additionally may need to put up with features or designs that don’t fit your brand or business, or pay somebody to change or remove it.


  • Make assembling a website together very simple and easy
  • Thousands of options available to choose from
  • By selecting a theme with popular developers, the customer support can be great


  • Everything is fine until clients want to make slight changes in the layout and this means development work, which in return means creating child themes.
  • May take much time to locate the perfect theme for clients
  • There are still a number of themes that are not responsive and that means we need to work on the responsiveness and upgrade the themes in development
  • The original designer/developer of the theme could possibly move on to a few other things in future, that simply means there will be no assistance for changes, which means the theme will have no updates.
  • If you have created a child theme, then the possibilities are more changes are needed to the theme, which simply means development tasks.


We highly recommend Custom website design. The custom websites facilitate the most flexibility. While the theme websites are a good option for organisations trying to build a web presence affordably and quickly.

With quality, and a dedicated focus on brand driven web design, Thought Media delivers custom web solutions at pocket friendly price. For more information, please give us a call 1 (800) 916 3864 or Click Here for a Free Quote 🙂



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