Do-IT-Yourself Website Design or Agency Website Design


You’ve decided that you need a new website.  So, in that case, you are surely thinking whether to DIY (Do It Yourself) using website builders or to hire a professional web design agency such as Thought Media.

There are a few variables when deciding whether to use a DIY platform or to hire the services of a professional web design firm. Despite the fact that both give a remarkable service that claims to be the perfect fit option to your website requirements. There are various things to keep in mind before choosing the one.

Let’s talk about a few main facets that differentiate DIY design and Agency Website Design, so that you can easily choose the best fit option as per your requirements.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

There have been an expanding number of television, print or online advertisements for free DIY (do it yourself) website builders such as Wix, GoDaddy, Weebly, etc. For individuals or small businesses working with a small budget, a DIY website builder would be a great option. You can easily create a website by choosing the templates provided.

But, If you decide to go with DIY website builders, you have got a limited number of design templates to choose from, so the possibilities of another individual’s website carrying the same look and feel increases because more and more individuals sign up for such DIY website builders.

There is a comparable issue with customization as well. There are only a few things you can alter on the webpage, but if you are thinking of having a specific design on the website, it is tough to meet that particular design goal.

Also, the DIY website builders mainly promote advertisements on your websites unless you buy a premium package (billed on a monthly or annual basis). Actually on DIY platforms such as WIX, the client does not own the website, they are only renting it.

Let’s talk about support now, while every website builder has continuous maintenance for their website templates, however they won’t provide the guidance and support.

Agency Design

Web Design AgencyIf you are thinking of a website that is tweaked to your requirements, you should hire a professional web design agency. Because professional web designers know how to reach your potential audience and design an outstanding website which is best fitted for you and your business. With our continuing reliance on mobile devices and technology, having a elegantly-designed, powerful and responsive website is an essential part of enhancing your brand image. This level of customization changes cannot be attained by a DIY website builder.

With an experienced web designer agency, you not only get a website that is designed to promote your brand or business, but also the assurance of getting a search engine friendly and secure website. Professional web agencies also provide full guidance and support throughout the design process and even after.

The great part is that once that website is designed, it is all yours!


It is good to go with custom website design. However, one can choose any of these two, depending on his/her requirements and budget. If you are thinking of a website, get it designed by us. We, at Thought Media have a team of expert web designers that specialise in high quality and unique website design. Contact us today for a FREE Web Design Quote, or call 1 (800) 916 3864.

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