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“How much does logo design cost?”, is a question business owners often ask. You already know that your logo design will convey the entirety of your brand message in one glance. your logo design does more than one job, its a versatile tool that a business can use in many ways. When considering the value of logo design, consider the following ways in which you can use your logo.

Your logo design will be front and center on your company’s business cards. You’ll be handing these cards to hundreds of people every month. In this most effective person to person marketing, your logo design may be the first thing a potential customer sees in association with your business. Your logo designer can make sure that your business makes a priceless first impression.

Closeup portrait of two successful business executive exchanging business cardIn addition to your business cards, your logo design will be prominently displayed on all of your business Letterhead. Every sheet of paper, and every envelope will remind the reader of the company that they’re corresponding with. As an added bonus, your envelopes will be seen by many people while they’re in transit.

Your logo design will also be on all of your other forms of print media. It will be displayed on folders in a large format, and on pens in a small format. A high-quality logo designer will make sure that your logo design scales appropriately to both large and small size placements.

Moving on to digital usages, your logo design will be one of the design elements, and probably a main feature of your business’ website design. It may be placed a top or bottom of every page. Your business’ website design’s color scheme will most likely be drawn from, or at the very least complement, your logo design. It’s important to have a logo design that transitions well from print media to digital media.

Browser Address BarYour website design’s favicon will be either your logo design in its entirety, or an element from your logo design. A favicon is the little website, bookmark, shortcut, icon that you most often see on the open tab. It’s a unique graphic representation of your website design which will allow it to stand out from others in the bookmark, and other lists. There may be difficulty and shrinking your full size logo design in its entirety, however, elements of your logo design will certainly be used for your favicon.

Another use for your logo design will be your business’ social media avatars and thumbnails. Every social media network, from Facebook to Pinterest, has a small box where you put your profile picture or avatar. In the case of a business, this will most certainly be your logo design. Whenever somebody shares content from your social media page, a little thumbnail of your logo design will go along with that shared content. Every post, comment, share, and other social interaction will present your logo design for viewing by hundreds, if not thousands of people.

A finely crafted logo design will benefit you in many ways. You’ll be able to use it across many forms of print and digital media for many years. Remember to keep this in mind when you consider “how much does logo design cost?”. If you’d like a quote for high quality logo design please contact our logo design experts here at Thought Media. Will be glad to offer you a quote, answer your questions, and take care of all your logo design needs.

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