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Every couple years we go through a website redesign, as is the nature of our industry. Every few years we tend to rebrand as well. You might be wondering why this is? Well, it’s quite simple really.. the website design and development industry is extremely fast moving; as goes with the advancements in Gadgets & Tech, and we like to stay ahead of the curve. We do this by ensuring our website is always up to current standards, and our branding is in-line with design trends. This goes for our clients as well ;).

Beyond this, we felt our old logo the ‘nerd’, or ‘mad scientist’Toronto-Web-Design was reaching a demographic which we are servicing less than our core business demographic. The nerd logo was actually our second rebrand which was done in late 2012/early 2013. Our earlier logo was much more simple and accompanied several different websites entirely. Basically, we like to keep things fresh, and while making logos for other businesses and new awesome brands all day keeps our creative urges satisfied.. change is inevitable and beautiful.

The above illustrates the timeline of Evolve Thought Media Group, and Thought Media. The domain name has actually be registered and owned since 1998, if you’re bored, have a peak!

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