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Mining is great for sales & marketing efforts, competitor or customer research, and more!

Web Scraping and
Data Scraping

Looking For Data Scraping / Web Scraping Services?

So your business needs some data and information extracted from one or more websites online? That’s great! Thought Media specializes in scraping, scrubbing, mining and extracting data from websites online. Our approach is two fold, including automatic data mining with bots, script, or plugins which we can develop, and extraction manually by hand (still very efficient at our pace). Let’s chat about what information your business needs to extract from the internet using effective data or web scraping services.

Data Extraction/Mining
Process Explained

First we prepare a needs analysis of what your business is all about, and what data needs to be extracted. We then determine the best sources to extract this information. Once we have determined the source, data, and volume required, we issue you an invoice to begin. Upon receipt of retainer or single payment (depending on the project scale) we start the data extraction process by hand or coding a script/bot/macro that will crawl the specified source websites/databases online and pull the information.

Get Your Business Much
Needed Data!

Learn more about ‘What is web scraping‘ and how it can help your business. Whether your business is looking to scrape data for sales/marketing efforts, research, or competitive analysis.. we believe data mining and extraction is a vital tool which is often under-utilised by most businesses today. Our expert data mining team can pull any information to further your businesses success. Contact us to learn more about how Data Mining and Extraction can help your business!

Start Web Scraping
Data Today!

Start Web Scraping Data Today!

We scrap the data and you own it! The data is collected by our data collection specialists and organized. We then send all the data which has been extracted for you to use in your business. Our data mining and collection process saves businesses time and money!

You can also request we create a software/script which you’ll be able to run anytime with ease! That means you can always extract new data as it becomes available, and you don’t need to contact us to scrape new information. Please let us know if you’d like to own the software/script, or if you simply require data mining services with just the exported information.

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