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It’s been an amazing 8 years’ operating on; offering top quality web design services to our clients around the globe has been the core of our business. As a Canadian company though, we discovered a slight branding disconnect between our American and world-wide clients, and our Canadian clients. Each country has unique characteristics and needs that have to be catered to in a slightly different way. In order to better serve both our American and Canadian clientele, we created an exclusive web design site for our Canadian clients,

Two Sites Are Better Than One

Thought Media Canada Website will further assist our valued Canadian clients with their businesses and marketing efforts, catering exclusively to the individual branding and marketing needs of their Canadian customers. Just as there are things that are uniquely American, there are things that are uniquely Canadian, and will assist our Canadian clients in both their Canadian and global markets through our Canadian specific website.

USA / CAN Brand Separation

We’re very excited with our USA / CAN brand separation websites and the potential they offer to better serve our markets in both countries. With both websites in full operation, we’ll be able to improve and target content to the appropriate site, improving our users’ experience on both of our websites! We believe that you’ll be able to notice the improvements immediately, as we quickly identify your unique branding potential and target your ideal markets.

Just In Time

Our site launch comes at the perfect time! Canada is just about to celebrate its 150th birthday on this approaching Canada Day, July 1st. What better way to celebrate something so uniquely Canadian than with a website catering to exactly what Canadian Businesses need in their website design and marketing.

Thought Media WorldWideTruly A Global Economy

Though Media is truly proud to service a global business economy, now with two unique websites. We strive to preserve our clients’ local flavor while assisting them in their global business endeavors. As a truly global digital media agency, we value our clients worldwide from the United States, to Canada, to Australia, to Thailand, Norway, and everywhere else!

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