Virtual Reality E-Commerce Web Design, and Browsing Promise An Exciting Shopping Experience


As virtual reality moves into our everyday lives, it’s a very real possibility that we will soon be embracing virtual reality e-commerce web design and browsing. Virtual reality is a simulated reality created with 3-D images, sometimes 360 degree images, with which you can interact. Through controllers or rotation trackers you can move through the world of images created by your computer.

PSVR-Vs-HTC-Vive-Vs-Oculus-Rift-Vs-Gear-VRBoth Gear-VR and Oculus Rift are already bringing this technology to the market with virtual reality headsets. The stereoscopic display in the headset converts 360 degree footage into 3D, allowing the user to look up, down, and all around to see a virtual world around them. Head mounted displays are trending, being highly popular with gamers.

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The Rift is powered by Facebook’s brightest developers, and the game company Valve/Steam is advancing software as well. Even Google is getting into the market with its Pixel Phone which can snap into a VR headset. Microsoft Hololens is a prototype computer that allows the user to interact with realistic holograms.

Virtual-Reality-ECommerceWith double digit growth of online sales, it’s only a matter of time before businesses invest in virtual reality ecommerce. Ecommerce virtual reality could allow consumers to walk around products and see them in detail from every angle. For those individuals who want to see their products before they buy them, virtual reality ecommerce will not only be the solution, but will offer an extraordinary shopping experience.

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Global online retail sales are growing, and are expected to reach 8.8% of all retail sales by 2024. In 2022 that number stood at 7.4%. Virtual reality web design is the next step to bring VR to the ecommerce experience. At first, VR web design will most likely take an optional form on websites, such as a “View in VR” button. Once activated, the consumer will be able to view the product as if it were physically right in front of them.

Virtual reality technology is emerging rapidly in the market place. In the foreseeable future we can expect to enjoy new web browsing experiences that include VR. Imagine a world where everything from Netflix to ecommerce websites could be viewed in virtual reality!

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