Zoom Meetings Stock Price Surging and Digital Marketing Agencies

zoom meetings stock price digital marketing agencies

Zoom Meetings Stock Price

Digital platforms such as Zoom Meetings have been on the rise over the past few years, and have recently experienced a powerful surge of usage as Covid-19 precautions have kept people safe in their homes. As a result the Zoom Stock price (NASDAQ: ZM) has skyrocketed in 2024 amidst the chaos of market crashes occurring across other industries/sectors. In the wake of lockdowns, consumers have turned their attention to the online marketplace and they are loving it. Digital marketing agencies are being kept quite busy with businesses around the world investing in digital marketing strategies such as video marketing in 2024.

Digital Services Growth

Companies like Shopify, Zoom, Wix, Pinterest, and Facebook have seen a tremendous growth in revenue in 2024. While most of the world is on lockdown, those who aren’t are reluctant to head out in to public areas any time soon. As such, payment processors like PayPal and Square have seen abundant growth with people doing their shopping online. Not only are people shopping online for discretionary items but also for their necessities as well and these companies are profiting greatly. Now it the time to focus your attention on your company’s website and digital marketing.

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Zoom Meetings

With the shift to online meetings Zoom stock values have soared through the roof while other companies struggle during this public health crisis. By solving the world’s work from home crisis and scaling effectively Zoom has managed to not only weather the Covid-19 storm but excel and rake in the profits clearly signalling that the time for online video marketing and ecommerce is now.

Is It Time For A Website Redesign?

If you haven’t invested in your company’s website recently you need to make that a priority. Consumers expect user friendly, visually appealing, and innovative web design. E-commerce practically has to keep the consumer entertained while they shop to ensure that convert to a paying customer. You’re not just selling your products or services, you’re selling the e-commerce shopping experience and the best website wins.

Digital Marketing Agencies

digital marketing agencies thought media marketing agency

Once you’ve got your website designed or redesigned for optimal performance, it’s time help the consumer find it with some digital marketing. Marketing is what will lead consumers with money to spend to your website. Like the companies mentioned above, the digital marketing industry is also booming right now, helping companies and consumers find each other. If you’re not engaging with online marketing you are certainly one step behind your competitors.

Leverage Website Design Companies

Thought Media is a website design company and digital marketing agency that partners with companies in order to help them succeed in the digital market place. Now is the time to leverage your online power, convert consumers into your loyal customers, and drive your profits up. Thought Media can help, contact us now for a consultation.

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