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What Is SEO?

Short for search engine optimization, it is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic, increasing the visibility of a website or webpage to users of a web search engine like google or yahoo. Our New York SEO Agency provides industry leading search engine marketing services. SEO targets all kinds of search such as videos, academic search, and image search among others.

Google is the most used search engine in the world and as such most websites are optimized to rank high in Google search. Google offers many services to help website owners rank in search. The video to the right elaborates on SEO for Beginners and provides Search Engine Optimization tips to Rank #1 on Google. We stay on top of search trends and updates from our Toronto SEO and New York SEO offices, servicing clients globally.

In the recent times Google has undergone Algorithm updates which have changed Google search as you used to know it.

    • The March 2019 core update. Google did not give any specific information about the nature of this update but it surely did affect the google rankings of many companies in the search results. 58% of websites and webpages reported a negative impact on the rankings. What caused the negative impact is still yet to be disclosed.
    • Deindexing of URLS that happened between April fourth and 11th 2019. Google confirmed that the cause of this as a result of a bug and not because of an update and the issue has been resolved. But according to Moz around 4% of the indexed pages were affected by this bug. The process of rectifying the search indexes takes some time and up to now it has not been rectified yet.
    • Google algorithm update. In March second google carried an algorithm update that changed the content strategy. Instead of focusing on shorter-based posts, google focus on higher quality, longer form and evergreen content.

SEO Company TorontoBecause of those updates, content is now very important when it comes to improving rankings in the search results. Now in most cases the recent your content is the higher chances that your content will rank high. If you search anything on google you will notice that the search results are usually published in a year or less. The quality of content is very important. Also grammar and spelling mistakes impact negatively to your google ranking. Effective rankings require showing that your content is fresh for it to rank high because it is not a secret google loves fresh content. The accuracy of your content is also very important because every google update is centered at making sure that users have the best experience. If your content is accurate and after every google update your content will still rank high.

Because of this SEO has become part of marketing and you need to know the steps of starting a successful SEO campaign that will lead to the success of your business. Thought Media has over a decade of experience in working with Google’s algorithm updates and works closely with clients to ensure rankings are continuously improving.

Steps of Starting an SEO Campaign

Search Engine Optimization SEO Toronto

  • Speak with a Thought Media representative to have a needs analysis performed
  • Analyze your current website and competition
  • Topic creation and keyword research
  • Establish a pillar content strategy to know which type of content to create
  • Perform an SEO audit if you already have a website
  • Define and track the goals of your SEO campaign
  • Work on on-site optimization
  • Work on local SEO including local directories, citations, classifieds, and more
  • Work on backlinks to improve relevant inbound traffic

Every business in a big city such as Toronto (our headquarters) or New York should consider hiring an SEO agency to help because there is a lot of competition in the market and having an SEO agency will make your work easier and your business will rank higher in the google ranks. SEO agencies know exactly how to use keywords create amazing titles that will improve your google rankings.

Why You Should Consider Hiring An SEO Agency

  • SEO will improve your website. Every business faces competition and SEO is vital to ensure your business reach as many people as possible. An SEO agency will help you implement the crucial techniques that ensures your company ranks high on the search results. This will help you reduce the money that you usually allocate for marketing.seo agency toronto new york
  • An SEO agency will save your time. Being a business owner or CEO involves a lot of responsibilities. Because of this you may have less time to concentrate on all aspects of your company. If you find a perfect SEO agency that you can rely on, it will help you market your company as you concentrate on other aspects of your business. With a helping hand you can be sure that your company will do better than it is doing now.
  • Hiring an SEO agency saves you the costs of investing in SEO tools and knowledge. SEO is an industry that constantly keeps on changing and there is no doubt that your business must adhere to this changes if you want it to be successful. With an SEO agency having your back, you won’t have to invest on training your own SEO team and you won’t have to purchase the crucial SEO tools. Training your staff and buying the necessary tools may significantly affect your budget so hiring an SEO agency is the best idea.
  • You will benefit from diverse skills that an SEO agency offers. SEO agencies works for different companies and on diversified projects. The experts in this agencies are capable of handling different projects. If you hire an SEO agency your business will have the best SEO approach.

Before investing your money on an SEO agency, you should take your time to thoroughly research about the best. We have been helping many businesses rank high in the search results and we will help you too if you allow us. We have been doing this for a long time and we understand the importance of integrating social media in an SEO campaign. Our SEO Toronto agency assigns an account manager who will be the main point of contact throughout the SEO campaign. We will make your business succeed just as we have made others succeed using our SEO techniques. Hire our agency and you will be glad you did, give us a call right now! 1 (800) 916 3864.

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