Toll Free Business Services

Custom Branded 1 (800) Numbers & Answering Systems for Business!


With Toll Free Business Numbers!

Perhaps you’ve already established your business branding, and have even had Thought Media create your awesome business website design. Now it’s time to bring everything together with a branded 1 (800) or 1 (888) number and answering system! See some examples below.

Phone Systems

We work closely with you to establish the answering system script, extensions, and options. Choose from male or female voice, with or without accent, English or any other language. We take your business from start to finish in branding your new 1 (800) number and phone system. Want to hear some examples?

Your Business

Manage inbound calls much better with an organized phone system. Benefit from having different extensions for each department of your business, and funnel inbound calls with ease! Don’t miss inbound calls ever again with an up beat, positive voicemail greeting that engages your customers!

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