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California is a beautiful state in the United States, which according to statistics (carried out in 2024) happens to be a home to around 39.56 million people. It has its capital in Sacramento, and is governed by Gavin Newsom. Cities that recorded the largest population were Los Angeles, San Diego and San Jose with 3.9 million, 1.4 million and 1.0 million respectively. With such large numbers, it is crystal clear that the competition in the business world is vast. However, it is possible to stand out and rank your web design in California above every other competitor by using Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”), and for the best outcome of course we encourage you to reach out by phone for a free consultation with our SEO specialists. The proceeding article will detail the top five ways you can get your SEO ranking flying high in such a world of competition in California.

How’s Local SEO in California?

With the high population in California, millions of people are sending and receiving web-traffic (on the internet) as they Search on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Social Media platforms aiming to access local events, products, services, and much more. Many California business owners know that taking a step ahead and taking advantage of this high public traffic opportunity is a no-brainer. Even if you are located on a small street in the city of Los Angeles and you think that you are not noticeable, local SEO will put your business out there, generate new business opportunities, and represent your brand perfectly.

1. Improve your local search ranking of an existing website by simulating local search an SEO keyword tool, and there are many on the market, namely Google Keyword Planner, however there are other suggestion tools with less insights such as Keyword.io, and of course if you want to analyze your existing website use our Free SEO Tool.

2. Ensuring that your business name, address and phone number (NAP ) are consistent and also in Google my business listing. Enhance your Google my business listing by ensuring that you upload images of your business in high quality, link your website and update information such as opening and closing hours and days when you are open.

Website Designs that Converts Using California SEO

Web Design California Search Engine Optimization by Thought Media

A website that converts in California must present a visitor with good experience while taking them through content that captures their attention. Working with the best SEO Company Los Angeles businesses love such as Thought Media (“TM”) will have your website appear high on the search engine result pages because we use the best search engine optimization strategies. When visitors click on your website the design will definitely be attractive and inspiring, and if you’re wondering what else to expect from TM? The information posted also matters of course! Work with a company that provides the best SEO California businesses deserve – we will handle your SEO campaign top to bottom and guide you, providing additional tips on what kind of content is to be posted so that not only the web design but also the content leads to conversions!

Do you hate waiting for results to load on a website? It can be frustrating that sometimes when visiting the websites of certain business (whom shall remain nameless) one must wait for about a minute or more. Many visitors will close that website (“bounce”) and move to another one that will load at a high speed delivering them the experience they anticipated. A typical visitor does not have that much patience to wait for your website to load, in fact many studies indicate a maximum of 5-7 seconds is how long a visitor will wait before bouncing.

3. Consider making your website mobile friendly and with loading high speeds so that it is convenient and more enticing to visitors. You can improve your website speed by using website Caching tools (which clear your website temporary files and directories), Google Mobile-friendly test, Google PageSpeed Insights, and many more!

4. Ensure your web hosting provider offers web hosting services either locally in your state or city, such as California, or within the same country. It’s also important to choose a web hosting provider that offers not only industry leading speeds, but the latest hardware/technology. One recommendation is to keep an eye out for web hosts that include Solid-State Hard Drives (“SSD”) – this means your website files load much quicker than standard hard drives. Many web hosting providers offer cheap lower quality hosting that may have quick speeds, but is over-sold (packed servers), and uses standard hard drives – so websites reach a bottleneck when loading from the slow hard drives. We at Thought Media consider all factors of web hosting and website SEO after having been in the industry for a decade, and therefore began offering some of the best web hosting in California, backed with website maintenance!

Link with Google Properties

Google SEO Companies in CaliforniaGoogle will detect your website automatically with their crawling algorithm, however it’s best to manually submit a website to search engines to expedite this process. Submitting a site to Google search and google properties such as Analytics will get your search engine ranking off to a great start! If you do not know how to submit your website to various search engine properties, look for the best California web design and SEO companies (such as Thought Media) that can get you off to a great start. Google my business/places is one of the most important submissions you can make initially as a local retail business, and it will also allow patrons to leave reviews for your business as well. Basically people around California will be finding your business and becoming customers or clients depending on how you represent your business profile or website on Google. Work with the best Los Angeles SEO service providers to get you through the competitive rankings if you find your website stuck. A professional will be result-oriented and achieving your goals will be top priority.

Leveraging the Power of Social Media

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Social media should be used to lead traffic to your website, generate buzz about your brand, and publicise promotions. You should not underestimate the power of social media. We at Thought Media provide industry leading social media management and marketing on Instagram and all other platforms for businesses across all verticals.

5. You may be wondering ‘how do I leverage the power of social media?’ Simply put, have a social strategy which identifies your target audience, and consistently create content for that audience. If your content lands flat then revise, test and retest until you see success in the reach/vitality of your content. Communication skills are very vital in ensuring that you nurture leads into clients. Another way is by engaging your followers, ensure that you respond to questions, comments and even bad reviews. Do not get a heart attack because of bad reviews. Actually, how you respond to them matters a lot and you should use them as a stepping stone to know what people want. Last but not least, create a community. The first two steps have been used to capture visitors, it is time to keep them and build a digital community. Do not let them go, do what you can to keep them. Stay engaged and create unique content that they’ll love!

Consistency with Your Blogs and Videos

Let’s say I click on your website and see that your last updated was four months ago. As a potential customer I’m thinking, is this business still active? Isn’t there anything unique to talk about for the last four months? Keep on updating your website with new content every now and then so that clients will not be bored of finding the same old information, and so that your new content indexes in search and ranks your website for its targeted keywords. If you’re not leveraging video content, start! Make your videos of high quality, remember that it is your business you are promoting. For the best services for your web design, content production, and converting leads contact the best SEO Los Angeles company Thought Media. Los Angeles ranks one of the highest populous cities with a population of 3.9 million people, so let’s start taking advantage and grab your business more market share! Reach out today for further information.

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