Artificial Intelligence Impacts on Business and Web Design


Technological advances are promising to bring AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) into the world of website design using data mining and creating AI web design. AI, at its core is developing a machine that can do tasks we consider “smart”. ML is already involved in the Internet, and is essentially giving a machine data and allowing it to learn. Auto-correct is a simplistic example of ML in action. Machines have learned the words you like to use and try to finish them for you to make your life easier. When doing web design, AI will data mine (searching vast databases) for relevant web components and potentially create web designs on demand.

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 AI and ML could have a positive impact on business web sites increasing conversions.Web design has transformed dramatically since the days without high speed Internet connections. Web pages used to be static with few, if any, images because the speed of the Internet could primarily accommodate only text based pages. With the advent of Adobe Flash as well as an increase in the speed of the Internet, more graphics and gaming opportunities were available to the average Internet user. Nowadays, modern web design technology boasts responsive designs that can detect screen size and produce content in a usable way for desktops and mobile phones alike.

The next big technological breakthrough will, no doubt, be Artificial Intelligence Web Design. The implications of AI and ML combining efforts in web design could have very positive implications for businesses. In theory, they would have the ability to instantly deliver content designed to suit a user’s preferences. For example, an individual who prefers Android devices will be shown just that, photos of Android devices she might like to buy, increasing conversions. AI would also be able to deploy scheduled updates and data mine the Internet for updates in news feeds and likewise update your website.

While Adobe is currently working on an AI and ML program called Sensei, AI in web design is still in the theoretical stage. In the meantime, you can rely on an industry leading web designer like Thought Media for all of your business and web site needs. As an innovated web design company, Thought Media reports on advances and disruptions in technology while preparing to utilize emerging tech.

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