Hiring Remote Web Designers or Website Maintenance Managers

Get remote support for web design updates, website re-design, and more!
Hiring a Remote Website Developer or Web Designer

When it comes to hiring web designers and website design companies, many would argue that even before coronavirus made its appearance businesses had begun shifting away from in-house technology teams that would handle everything from basic updates to regular website maintenance, or complete re-designs. Now that the pandemic occurred, working from home and remote working have become the new normal (if they weren’t already). Businesses are finding it not only safer but also more convenient and economic to hire remote website designers and web managers, and more.

Your Web Design and Updates

With the majority of people doing everything they need to online your company needs a user friendly website the quickly converts viewers into consumers. When you already have a fully functioning website you need to ensure that it’s maintained to ensure that it works smoothly. Regular maintenance of your business’s website also keeps its SEO optimized. Links that are broken or elements that are no longer favored by Google’s algorithm can cause your website to drop in the search engine results listings increasing a potential consumer’s difficulty in discovering your company.

Remote Web Designers and Managers

An offsite web designer, or remote web developer, and website manager can easily complete all of the general maintenance tasks that you require for your business and website. These tasks include everything from updating web based software and plugins based on what your website runs on (i.e. WordPress, Magento, OpenCart, and more), to keeping blog posts current with timely information. Even custom web development updates are not an issue when you work with a team. Given that Google favors websites that are current, regular website maintenance is an absolute necessity to give your business the competitive advantage in terms of SEO – Search Engine Optimization, and general usability for your customers and website visitors.

When your company web design needs routine maintenance reach out to us for a consultation. If you’re lacking a website design entirely, let’s open up a dialog on how Thought Media can help grow your business on the web!

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