Top 15 Print Ads of 2024

Best Print Ads of 2024

With digital booming these companies published the best print ads in 2024. Just when you think that all eyes are hooked on everything digital a brilliant and innovative print ad makes a splash reminding you that print advertising and content generation are very important indeed. Print advertising is very much alive in 2024 and can capture a consumer’s attention with as much influence as any given ad online.

The Best Print Ads 2024: Packing More Power

Consumers tend to view print ads as far more credible than digital ads for two main reasons permanence and influence. Ads printed on paper offer consumers an opportunity to connect to products and services through touch and sight. Simply being able to touch the ad adds the relevance of realness or physicality of the product or service. Even seeing an ad in real life (as opposed to online) on a solid physical building or billboard creates that sense of realness and connection that consumers crave. That’s one of the primary reasons businesses reach out to us when searching for New York or Toronto graphic designers.

Influence of Print Advertising

Print ads placed in magazines, newspapers, and playbills for theatre or sport, are viewed as more trustworthy by consumers who already have established connections with the print advertising channel. Specifically, print publications act very much like an Influencer would, adding an element of endorsement to your product or service.

Discover the types of trending print advertising by reviewing the ad gallery below featuring the Top Print Ads of 2024. Explore how highly targeted specific content can blend seamlessly with perspective and imagery to convert viewers into loyal customers.

1. French Ministry of Health

Targeting the French obesity epidemic the French Ministry of Health created an ad in which the ice-cream melts into the shape of a very large belly.

French Ministry of Health Ad

2. Chupa Chups

Promoting it’s sugar free treats Chupa Chups uses a bit of humor showing ants that are actively avoiding their lollipop because it doesn’t have the sugar that ants are known to crave.

Chupa Chups Print Ad
Advertising Agency: DDB, Spain

3. “Shhhhhhhh” JBL

Featuring a cleaver and entertaining use of negative space JBL demonstrates how you can block out the noise and chaos of the world in order to enjoy a little peace and quiet.

JBL "SHHH" Print Ad
Advertising Agency: Cheil Worldwide Hong Kong with the campaign title of “Block Out The Chaos”.

4. Volkswagen

Mildly panicked goldfish stare in nervousness from their plastic carry home bags as an adorable but prickly porcupine “parks” between them demonstrating just how accurate Volkswagen’s parking assist is.

5. World Wildlife Foundation (WWF)

The WWF impactfully demonstrates the damage that desertification is doing to not only the planet but also the animals like this endangered elephant. As the world dries up so does the elephant turning into powdery sand.

WWF Print Ad Elephany

6. Frontline Flea & Tick Spray

In a captivating demonstration of perspective, this Frontline ad allows humans to become apart of it. Located on the floor of a shopping mall, when viewed from higher levels people appear to be the fleas on the extremely cute dog.

Frontline Flea Tick Spray Print Ad

7. Nivea Night

Clever in its simplicity, Nivea uses their product to create a crescent moon which is in perfect alignment with the products mission of being used at night. Shades of blue in the background match the product and create the night sky.

Nivea Creative Print Ads
Advertising Agency: TBWANEBOKO, Netherlands

8. Nivea Men: Because Life Makes Wrinkles

Convincing men that they need to use anti-wrinkle cream on their faces becomes so much easier when you can clearly illustrate the things that will furrow your brow and make you cringe such as watching your child doing gymnastic stunts unassisted.

Nivea Men Creative Print Ads

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Alster, Hamburg, Germany

9. Moms Demand Action

Moms Demand Action created a jaw dropping visual when they paired children with an assault weapon illustrating the shocking disparity of what is and isn’t banned in the USA to protect children.

Moms Demand Action - Print Advert

Advertising Agency: Grey, Toronto, Canada

10. Pepsi: We Wish You a Scary Halloween!

With a play on Halloween, this can of Pepsi is dressed to scare… with a cape that mimics the competition’s brand. This clever design may take a moment to realize the impact, but when you do you won’t forget.

Pepsi Print Ads 2024
Advertising Agency: Buzz in a Box, Brussels, Belgium

11. McDonald’s Free Wi-Fi

Touting its free Wi-Fi, McDonald’s also make you crave their French fries which are doubling as the universal Wi-Fi symbol.

Mcdonalds Print Advertisement 2024
Advertising Agency: DDB, Sydney, Australia

12. Liking Isn’t Helping: Be a Volunteer

Delivering a stunning reality check, this ad’s message hits home hard. While clicking “like” shows your support it takes action to get the job done.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Singapore

13. Fedex: China-Australia

Proximity in print. This ad touches on the neighborly feels between China and Australia while showing just how quickly and easily they can ship their packages.

Fedex Print Advertising 2024
Advertising Agency: DDB Brazil

14. Every leaf traps CO2 – Plant for the planet

What better way to communicate the need for trees than to show a leaf that has literally trapped the primary causes of CO2 within it?

co2 advert examples 2024
Advertising Agency: Leagas Delaney

15. Mastercard: 12th Annual Women’s Golf Classic

Supporting both Women’s Golf and the Children’s Aid Foundation MasterCard cleverly uses a woman’s high heal that looks very much like a golf ball on a tee to get its message across.

Mastercard PGA Advertisements 2024
Advertising Agency: MacLaren McCann, Canada

Whether it’s playing with perspective in new ways or reframing concepts to deliver a powerful message print ads have the power to not only capture attention but also convert viewers into consumers. An innovative or humorous print ad has the capability to not only deliver on the page (or building as it were) but also be photographed and shared virally online.

Cultivating your company’s print advertisement strategy is a key component of your advertising portfolio. Overlooking the reach of print advertising and cause a dip in sales and a loss of potential customers. Ensure that your print ad game is on track by reaching out to the best Toronto SEO company and design experts at Thought Media.



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