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Which device are you using reading this article? Let’s say you’re out and want to show this to friends or colleagues.. You are easily able because we developed a responsive website design.

What is Responsive Web Design?

A website with responsive web design (“RWD”) is enabled to adapt itself to any size of screen its viewed on.  Whether you open the site in a smartphone, laptop, or massive TV, you can view the same site with the same features everywhere. The aesthetic or the functionality of the site is not changed due to a change in device. With RWD, an optimal viewing experience is created for the viewers where they can read with ease and navigate with minimal resizing, scrolling or panning. This is completely different than Mobile App Design.

How doe Responsive Website Design work?

When we develop a website based on Responsive Web site design principles a visitor remains on the primary URL for the website (not a mobile sub-section) utilizing the same code and content as the main website. While the site is viewed in different devices, the responsive design targets the width of the web browser and determines the amount of space available. With the help of breakpoints the target ranges which are set for specify displays.

Why should one switch to RWD?

Once you know Responsive web design, you should understand its importance and how beneficial it is for modern websites.

  • Google has officially released a Search Algorithm update focused on Mobile Web Design. We talked about it here.
  • It’s ‘future proofing’ as responsive sites already work well across the various existing devices rolling out on the market.
  • Responsive Web Design optimizes your site irrespective of the device used by the user. So, they get a much better and faster experience. When you have happy customers, you can expect a happy business.
  • Its hard to manage SEO for desktop sites and mobile sites when they are separated.. they do not produce optimal results. So, following Google’s recommendation is the ideal method.

Thus, by changing to responsive website design you’ll provide visitors with better chances of viewing the site, and it becomes easy for them to use whenever and where ever.

Thought Media develops all websites using responsive best practices.. Contact us today for a quote! 1 (800) 916 3864.

Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design

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