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As a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) case study ETMG had purchased an aged domain name originally registered on October 22 1995 (making it 14 Years, 6 Months, 23 days old). The objective of this purchase was to build a new single niche website and perform no off-site marketing.


Niche/Focus: Business Review website for Toronto and Ontario based companies

Objective: Establish top rankings for search terms “Toronto business Reviews”, “Business Reviews Toronto”, and any similar search terms. Our focus being local Toronto SEO.

Study: To weigh the value of domain age + unique, frequent and fresh content VS paid online marketing techniques.

Competition: About 26,400,000 search results and competitors for “toronto business reviews”

Results: As a result of our study we found that we were able to produce first page rank and even top 3 rank for our target search terms within a 4 month period by writing unique, fresh, and keyword rich content on a near weekly basis. Utilizing the optimal number of words per post and ensuring the entire website design was setup to be search-friendly allowed us to achieve our objective. (a Toronto Business Reviews website) is now ranked in the top results on Bing, Yahoo, and Google (rank #2 and #3 in Google as shown below).

Costs: Aged Domain Name ($), Frequent Content Writing (Time), and Website Design and Search Friendly Setup ($).

We will continue to follow this strategy for LinkXS and now optimize and target new search terms. Follow-ups will be posted here on our website.

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