Why We’re Developing Mobile Gaming Apps

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Mobile gaming apps trendy, fun to play, and fun to design. We’re leveraging our programming expertise into mobile application development under our mobile application division, Violet Sphere Studios. Our newest division has its own team dedicated to mobile application development which leaves our website design and development team intact.

Mobile App Development From Games To Fitness

Across the internet and via mobile devices the demand for mobile apps and games is up. It’s almost not enough to have a website anymore. Consumers demand a mobile app that works in conjunction with your website and you’ll need a mobile app developer like Violet Sphere Studios to help you. From banking apps to fitness trackers, more and more consumers are using their smartphones to access apps that help them with their regular activities. If you’d like a sneak peak into how a mobile app can transform your business, you can check out the extremely popular social media platform that we designed and developed for https://muscularstrength.com. Our Muscular Strength mobile app is android based and is used by tens of thousands of interested individuals.

Mobile Games Are Gaining Popularity

The game sphere is gaining popularity among gamers and non-gamers alike. Twitch, once a streaming gaming site has broadened its horizons to include social media functionality. It’s also opened up to more topics in addition to gaming including cooking, creative arts, live chats, and so much more. Amazon bought Twitch in 2014 and opened it up to monetizing its streaming. Twitch now even hosts TV series.

Mobile app development includes non-streaming games as well. Android games are earning hundreds of thousands of dollars for their creators not only by offering advertising but by offering in app purchases as well. With such a lucrative market, an android game developer or a business that hosts a game in conjunction with its website can increase their profits dramatically.

Mobile Application Development By Client Request

One of the most important reasons we decided to launch a mobile application developer division is because our clients have been requesting it. Our clients have been overwhelmed with consumers demanding mobile apps along with their website and social media. Mobile apps add value to a consumer’s life and experience, and where consumers find value businesses can find profits.

Mobile App Developer

If you are looking for a mobile app to satisfy the demands of your consumers, consult the expert at Violet Sphere Studios, a division of Thought Media. Currently, our primary focus is on android apps, however we our building our iOS team and will have more capability in that environment soon.

Need help with development of a mobile application? Contact our experts here at Thought Media to help give your business a boost! Call 1 (800) 916 3864.


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