3 Ways NFTs Are Evolving Website Design in New York

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NFT Crypto Website Design New YorkWhen it comes to crypto website design in New York its all about blockchain integration. This tech-savvy city embraces the use of new technology in web site design, also known as solidity development, especially when it comes to web design in New York that adopts blockchain technology.

NFT website design in New York is growing popular. Just like arts, website designs are considered NFTs (non-fungible tokens), which means that each website design is unique. It can’t be replicated or exchanged for something else, making website designs NFTs. This is why popular website designers and influencers in New York, like Gary Vee (Garyvee) and Mark Cuban, are exploring NFTs in website design.

While blockchain technology has been known to be used for cryptocurrencies, it is also being used for various industries, which include the website design industry. Many businesses are gradually starting to adopt the use of NFT web designs.

NFT web design is gaining traction in New York, where NFT consulting agencies are blossoming.  These companies are providing NFT consulting services for their client’s website design, social media posts, printed content, and online communities.

An NFT consulting agency plays a big role, providing clients with the expertise and knowledge of how to go about website design New York with NFTs. Such companies also help clients select the best type of NFT to incorporate into their designs. In addition, they provide post-launch support on how to handle NFTs, especially when it comes to marketing and selling website designs.

Back then, website design was all about sharing information and knowledge, but now it is all about personalization. NFT website designs not only look unique and attractive, but they also reflect the user’s personality and lifestyle.

As many businesses are still new to NFTs, there’s a high demand for NFT consulting.

What is an NFT?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are basically unique tokens or coins, which means they aren’t interchangeable. Tokens are usually used in the crypto-world, which means it deals with blockchain, but more and more people are beginning to adopt NFTs in website design, especially in the gaming industry.

Some popular NFTs (Examples)

Cryptokitties was the first site to adopt NFTs. Other examples of popular NFTs are for online games, social media posts, movie posters, artworks.

Major Influencer and Business Entrepreneurs

Website Design NY Crypto NFTMark Cuban: If you’re not familiar with him, Mark is one of the most influential celebrities in the world. He’s a billionaire and one of the owners of the Dallas Mavericks, an NBA team based in Texas.

Mark has openly expressed his interest in blockchain technology, which is the foundation of NFTs. He’s also invested in many blockchain companies.

Vee Friends’ NFT community

Gary Vee, also known as Garyvee, is a popular business entrepreneur. His motto “Be obsessed or be average” has become a popular mantra amongst young entrepreneurs and marketers.


Gary is the co-founder of VeeMall, which is a blockchain technology company that focuses on social media marketing. The company’s primary goal is to help businesses and influencers around the world to build their own NFT communities.

VeeMall is also an NFT consulting company,  which means it provides NFT consulting services for website design, social media posts, printed content, and online communities.

Auction of Vee Friends Collection at Christie’s New York

Just recently, the Vee Friends collection was auctioned off at Christie’s New York. The total value of the collection is estimated to be over $2 million.

The collection includes artworks, which were inspired by CryptoKitties and other NFTs. Christie’s New York, which is the world’s largest fine art auction house, has even created a website through Ethereum blockchain technology to manage their auctions.

How NFTs have changed the face of Website Design New York?

NFT Web Design NY

With NFTs, entrepreneurs have so many ways to customize their business. They can do more than what they used to do with conventional website design New York and digital marketing. A New York Web design company can get an edge over its competitors by adopting NFTs.

Some of the ways in which NFTs can be used in website design New York are

  • Awareness campaigns,
  • Networking websites,
  • Community forums etc.

Businesses adopting the use of NFTs

Many businesses have already adopted the use of NFTs. Some of these include

– James Jean
– Budweiser
– Nike
– Disney
– Rabit Edison

As the interest in NFTs is increasing, there are many small businesses that are incorporating NFTs into their website designs.

Celebrities and NFTs

A number of rappers and musicians have entered into the NFT space, from releasing artwork in collaboration with artists, to dropping album releases as NFTs.

Beyonce has been spotted with an NFT necklace from the website GlamDrop, which is an online store that specializes in celebrity-inspired NFTs.

Hollywood celebrities and influencers such as Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton have been spotted with NFTs, making them even more popular.

3 Ways Brands Are Getting Involved in NFTs

  • Utilizing their Intellectual property to offer as NFT such as collectibles from their products/merchandise B2B relationship by providing a link to assist in establishing a new NFT community for their product.
  • Building online communities with exclusive access to physical and non-physical activities by holding the brand’s NFTs. This can be considered as a pre-sale for the event that is held in the future to introduce new products/services/experiences.
  • Offering products and services exclusively to NFT holders of the brand’s community. Unlimited access to products/services/events exclusively for the NFT community.

Beware of Scams

NFTs are becoming increasingly popular. As a result, users need to be aware of the scams that have been surfacing in the blockchain space. One of the most popular scams involves counterfeiting since there aren’t any regulations on NFTs and some companies may be selling knock-offs.

There are also a number of people who have been accused of creating fake NFTs in order to deceive other users. It’s also important for users to beware of scams that promise a great deal and take their cryptocurrency without delivering anything. In addition, NFTs can be bought and sold inside P2P marketplaces, so users should exercise caution when doing this.


NFTs have a special place in people’s lives because of their uniqueness. They’re a real reflection of an individual’s personality and preferences.

Brands are now giving NFTs a try as they see the potential in creating engagement and loyalty with their customers. Moreover, we’re currently in a digital era, so there’s nothing better than using NFTs as marketing and branding tools.

If you would like to discuss NFT marketing, or website design feel free to reach out to Thought Media for assistance and further information.

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