7 Marketing Strategies Your Business Must Adopt in 2024

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Each year offers new, innovative, and emerging strategies that can launch your business to the top of the profit charts. This year is no different and Thought Media is proud to bring you Seven Marketing Strategies Your Business Must Adopt in 2024!

1. Investigate Disruptive Technologies

From artificial intelligence to crypto currencies, emerging technologies can transform the way you do business as well as boost your profits. Spend some time investigating and researching technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality and discover how they can transform your business.

2. Put Your Money Where Your Marketing Is

Effective marketing campaigns don’t have to cost a lot of money, but they do need to be targeted. Select a specific product or service and formulate a budget to focus on that target. This will help you to develop a better ideal of how much of a return on your investment you are making along with making a brand focus. PPC advertising can be an excellent vehicle for your target.


3. Leverage Free Marketing Resources

Creating content and sharing it with your current and potential customers can drive traffic to your website and profits to your bank account. Take advantage of all the platforms that let you share content for free including social media and email marketing.

4. Mix and Match Marketing

Coordinate your marketing so that your message is being delivered effectively across all the channels you’re using in your strategy. Mix and match text, image, and video content for the most efficient use of your channels.

5. Awareness to Action

When marketing across social media platforms make sure to lead your viewer to the next step. Point potential customers in the direction you want them to go and watch how it can end in purchases.

6. Ask Me Anything!

Invite your consumers to ask questions or create some live content like Facebook live videos of your products to get them engaged with the products and services you want them to see.

7. Engaging Employees

If you’ve got eager employees, you can encourage them to get on social media to interact with your company accounts as well as your target audience.

Need help with any one (or several) of these fresh and innovative strategies? Contact our experts here at Thought Media to help give your business a boost! Call 1 (800) 916 3864.

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