5 Must Have Marketing Tools for Startups


Every startup needs basic marketing tools to succeed. Without these tools, customers won’t learn who you are and you’ll disappear among the thousands of startups in your area. Staying on top of the game means marketing strategically, so to help you get started we’ve listed five marketing tools that every business needs. If you use these tools, you’re bound to stand out. Questions before reading on? Give us a call at Thought Media! 1 (800) 916 3864.

Design A Recognizable Logo

Your logo is an integral part of your business. It’s the symbol that will be at the top of all your invoices and on all your stationery. Eventually, it’s how people will recognize you. In order to ensure that your logo is a memorable design, it must represent the voice of your company while still being visually impressive.

Using the right logo maker is imperative when it comes to creating a logo that represents your company’s image. Everything from the colors to pictures used must be selected strategically so that people remember your business long after working with you.

Create A Dynamic Website

Once potential customers have seen your logo, the next place they’ll go is to your website so that they can learn more about what you’re selling. That’s why the quality of your website design depends on two factors:

  • How aesthetically pleasing and user friendly it is
  • How much information customers can gain from visiting your webpage

Designing a successful website depends on how you want to portray your company. Vibrant colors make your business seem quirky while sophisticated ones give your business a sense of professionalism. Selecting a dynamic web builder or lead page generator is integral in finding a customer base that will support what you do.

Start an Informative Newsletter

Now that you’ve drawn customers to your business through your website, you need to convince them to stay loyal to your company. Email marketing can be an effective tool when it comes to maintaining customer interest. It’s a way to remind them that you still exist and it will also bring their attention to new offers that you provide.

With so many email marketing tools available, this process is even more affordable and easier to accomplish than ever before. All you need to do is create an email list, design your newsletter and you’re ready to go.

Present the Perfect Image

A startup’s success often depends on how customers perceive your business. If they see your company as one that’s favorable, you’re more likely to draw them in. Often, this is accomplished by the pictures you use in your promotional material.

Image maker tools can help you find or create images that enhance your marketing’s impact. Effective images will also cause people to stay on your webpage longer or continue reading your blogs past the first paragraph. If you want to hold your audience’s attention, it’s the way to go.

internet-marketing-tips-startupsKeep Your Social Media Organized

Social media has quickly become one of the most popular marketing platforms around the world. It’s an effective way of keeping in contact with your customer base. The only issue is that with so many social media accounts it can be difficult to maintain a constant stream of posts and updates.

With a social media scheduler you can keep your social media up to date. It will help you maintain regular posts and will also suggest the best times for posting that will result in more feedback. By using this tool, your posts will be more effective and customers will also pay more attention.

Final Thoughts

Finding and maintaining loyal customers is the foundation of any business. If you use these five marketing tools effectively, you’ll see interest in your business start to grow. Even if you start small by focusing on your logo design, it’s a step in the right direction. But, which one will you begin with? Give us a call at Thought Media! 1 (800) 916 3864.

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