CRM + SMM = Sales Success!

Customer relationship management process

Your social media marketing strategy can be an excellent tool to use in conjunction with your customer relations management strategy. Customers are social creatures already inclined to use social media. Why not take advantage of this to collect information and reach out in order to enhance your custom CRM development? Social media marketing offers excellent opportunities for you to collect information, reach out and engage with your customers, and listen to what your customers have to say; all of which are essential elements for your custom crm development strategy.

3D Social mediaSocial Media offers a fire hose of information about your customers’ behavior and desires. This is an excellent place to use your customer relations software to collect pertinent information which your business can later use. You’ll be able to monitor which demographics visit which social media at what times. This will help you determine the best possible time for your target audience to view your business’ advertisements, as well as posts reaching out to your customers. If you have a crm web design, you’ll be able to use it to track how many viewers follow links to social media from your website.

Social media marketing also offers you an excellent launch pad for reaching out to customers with your custom crm development. Having determined when and where your target audience will be, you can present them with the types of ads that they’re interested in looking at. Images, content post, and videos all appeal to different demographics at different times. Well designed ads, placed at the optimal time for viewing, will catch consumers attention quicker and lead to higher sales conversions. Social media also offers you the opportunity to reach out quickly to your customers to right wrongs, making you look good in the public eye as well as making your customers happy.

Turing leads into sales, CRM ConceptCollecting information on what your customers are saying is just as important as collecting information on what they’re doing, and customers express their opinions on social media. This is an excellent place where you can use human interaction as well as a customer relations software to monitor what your customers have to say. Are they tweeting about how much they love your products? Let them know you’re listening by retweeting their tweet. Did they post a problem on Facebook? Address it immediately and you’ll look like a star.

Your current and potential customers spend a lot of time on social media. And where ever the customers are, is a great place for you to enhance both of your social media marketing as well as your custom crm development. You can listen to, track, and engage with all that your customers say and do. If you have any questions regarding social media marketing or custom CRM developments we invite you to contact our expert social media marketing and CRM web designers here at Thought Media. Will be glad to answer your questions, as well as taking care of all of your custom crm development needs.

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