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When you’re filling in the content of your online web store, don’t forget to include calls to action. With so much information competing for a consumer’s attention, it’s wise to remind your customer what it is you would like them to do. It’s so simple to invite a customer to act, that sometimes it gets overlooked. Calls to action such as “buy now”, “write a review” and “share my purchase” can lead to a bigger bottom line as well as other marketing benefits.

Depositphotos_15725411_xsAlways remind your shoppers to “buy now“. After reading your detailed product description, consumers will need to be reminded that the reason they began reading in the first place was to purchase the product. At the bottom of the product description they may be enticed to click away from making a purchase by a menu bar of items that are similar to the one they are considering, distracting them from making the actual purchase. This call to action fits simply in your ecommerce website design content, just write it out in text: “scroll back to the top and buy now!”.

Another call to action that’s really good to build into your ecommerce website design is a “reviews” section. Encouraging customers who just bought a product to “write a review” is not only engaging and interactive, but is a gold mine for word-of-mouth referral marketing. When consumers see that a product is well reviewed by other consumers, it increases the likelihood that they will purchase it as well. As an added bonus, reviews tend to be keyword rich and can add a boost to your search engine optimization strategies.

Share ButtonYou can also bring the world of social media marketing to your ecommerce website design by including a call to action to share what was just purchased. Dialog boxes that encourage your consumers to share the product that they just bought on Facebook or other social media can be programmed into your ecommerce web design to pop up after they’ve made a purchase. These boxes often include pre existing text describing the product that was just purchased. The only thing you have to do is invite your customers to click to share.

When building your online web store, remember to give your customers gentle guidance by using a call to action. Customers will often do what is asked of them simply because it has been stated clearly. Inviting your consumers to “buy now”, “writr a review”, and “share my purchase” not only engages with them but also benefits you through word of mouth marketing. The e-commerce web design experts here at Thought Media are available to answer any questions you may have as well as help you with all your e-commerce web design needs. Click for a free quote, now!

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