Add Video, Podcast, And Blog Marketing To Your E-commerce Web Design

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When starting an e-commerce business don’t forget to plan for a solid content marketing strategy. Content marketing in a storytelling style has fast become one of the most successful ways to market your online web store. In a primarily digital world,  engaging the human element by making a connection wins over consumers’ hearts and their wallets. To get the most bang for your content marketing buck make sure that your e-commerce web design can accommodate videos, a podcast, and a blog.

Business concept: Video Marketing and Finance Symbol on billboard backgroundNothing captures a consumer’s attention like a well made video. Engaging both sight and hearing, videos can deliver a powerful marketing punch. What’s trending now is using video to tell a compelling story while NOT focusing on your products or services. You may include the products or services that your online web store offers in the video as long as it’s not overbearing.  You can also note that your company sponsored the video. The content you’re giving to your consumers should be a gift. McPherson Guitars offers and excellent example of a content marketing video by sponsoring the well loved Keith Harkin to sing “The Dutchman” while playing a McPherson guitar.

Podcasts offer an all audio content marketing option. An excellent advantage of podcasts is that consumers can listen to them in their cars when they’re driving. Popular formats are “how to” and “Q&A”. Following the storytelling strategy as well as “content as a gift” works well. Content Narrators can be hired to do the voice work for your podcast. ITunes is an excellent tool to widen your audience, it’s free to use in most cases, and easily links to your ecommerce website design.

Social Media Pyramid Showing Blogs Foruns And PodcastsBlogs are a tried and true method of content marketing that can not only increase customer loyalty but can also boost your rankings in the search engine results as well. This is an excellent place to tell the story behind the products or services showcased on your ecommerce web design. Inspire your customers by disclosing some of the creative process or entertain them with creative uses of your products or services. Make sure that every blog post you write is well keyworded, and you’ll be racing to the top of the search engine results list in no time.

When starting an ecommerce business it’s important to connect with an ecommerce web designer who can get all of your content marketing set up while building your site. While it can be done, adding podcasts, videos, and blogs to an already established ecommerce website design is not optimal as having it there from the start. Remember to reach out to consumers with a good story. Don’t tell them why they need your product, instead, inspire them to purchase your product. If you have any questions about ecommerce website design, content narration, or content marketing feel free to contact our experts here at Thought Media. We’ll be glad to help you with all of your e-commerce and content marketing needs.

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