E-Commerce Web Designers – Choose One Wisely

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More and more people are shopping online for various reasons. Starting an E-Commerce website design can meet your customer’s needs quickly and efficiently. It’s not just a matter of being economical and environmental, but it’s convenient and time saving as well. Nobody wants to spend the time and money to go from store to store to price and buy things anymore. Why do that when you can simply go online from the comfort of your own smartphone? When creating your online web store you need to consider who’s going to be your ecommerce web designer. Look for an ecommerce web designer that offers options, SEO and great photos.

Depositphotos_18177429_xsWhile your e-commerce website designer will help you chose the design that works best for you, you should at least have options. Two common options are WordPress website design and custom website design. WordPress website design is created on an open source platform. Simply, put is accesses collections of templates, colour schemes, plug-ins and more. From these collections, you choose the design elements that work for you. Each of these design elements is fully customizable. WordPress website design also works well with e-commerce. Custom e-commerce website designs are coded and built from scratch just for your online web store’s specific needs.

SEO is the art of combining web page content that is appealing to its’ viewers with ‘keywords’ and links for which the search engines look. You have to know what your customers will be searching for on your online store and make sure those keywords are there so your customers can easily find what they’re looking for. Ultimately, your content (product descriptions), including useful links, will interest your target consumer enough that he or she will purchase your products. A search engine’s job is to list web pages in order of relevance to a search query. Usually using an algorithm, it will list the page with most relevance first, and the page with least relevance last. You, of course want your ecommerce web pages listed as close to the top as possible.

Email sign & envelopeIt’s said that A picture is worth a 1000 words. In e-commerce web design, a picture can be worth thousands of dollars as well – either gained or lost. Well composed images placed in just the right spot on your website can engender very desirable responses from your target audience. Images have to be used and carefully positioned correctly on your e-commerce web design otherwise they could have a bit of a detrimental effect. Product images that are too detailed will not make effective thumbnails. Product images that are too large will slow the loading time of your e-commerce website design and essentially kill your mobile sales. Which ever e-commerce web design company you choose, make sure they have an acute understanding of how images effect your bottom line.

When starting your online web store, the scariest decision can be choosing who’s going to build your ecommerce website design. In addition to calling and asking for a quote, ask other questions as well to see how effectively they will communicate with your. Explore their options – make sure they offer you options in ecommerce website design, SEO and images. If you have any questions feel free to call our ecommerce website design experts here at Thought Media. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions and assist you in all your ecommerce website design needs.

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