Guerilla Marketing and Advertising in New York

Is Guerilla Marketing and Advertising in New York City Effective?
Bounty Guerilla Marketing Advertising
Bounty Street Guerilla Marketing Advertising

Guerilla marketing and advertising is a cheap and effective way of creative marketing for any business, and is especially popular in New York City. Well-known brands have resorted to guerilla marketing in the state of New York due to the high population and foot traffic in so many cities/regions of the state. Besides being efficient, another reason Guerilla marketing strategy is becoming prominent is its cost-effectiveness.  In a city like New York, which provides a wide range of activities from within buildings, to street level, to even below ground level – it is relatively easy to find opportunities for effective guerilla marketing campaigns. Guerilla marketing is quite different from the traditional way of marketing however it’s certainly simple and easy to execute when working with an agency.

Guerilla Advertisement does not even require a heavy budget but creative and unique ideas surely target a large audience. People can’t help but lean towards it since it appeals to the unconscious part of the mind, catching them by surprise. They gladly engage themselves in it,  sharing it amongst their friends. Guerrilla marketing is different from mainstream advertisements since people are not told of the benefits of the product rather, they get to see it by themselves.  A lot of work has been  done on this market strategy, New York being the center as more people can be engaged. Let us discuss guerilla marketing advertisement techniques that can be equally helpful to small and large industries  in New York.

Techniques To Carry Out Guerilla Marketing In New York

DO NOT BE AFRAID OF BEING FUNNY: Human nature is always attracted to comic amusements So, showing something funny  is the best way to engage people. In order to do so, try Arranging a random activity at a function or a street that would bring a smile to the face of the passerby , he will share this funny experience with everyone he meets on that day.  This technique was applied to the statue of a bull in New York. An underwear with the brand’s name covered the lower part of the bull. This marketing strategy was amusing, inoffensive and it worked quite well.

OUTDOOR GUERILLA MARKETING IN NEW YORK: It is easy to conduct outdoor guerilla marketing in New York City because there are  immense opportunities in this sphere. Also, the city is the center of many international organizations and hundreds of events take place in New York City annually. Since this city provides so many opportunities, it is easier to engage the audience by unconventional means and make them actively participate in activities.  It is more a game of creativity and intellectual activity than budget. One must try to tape this unique opportunity that only a few cities in the world provide.

Braun Oral B Guerilla Ad
Braun Oral B Guerilla Ad on Street Cleaner

INDOOR GUERILLA MARKETING ADVERTISING: Indoor guerilla advertisement requires a suitable time, proper place and a good strategy. Taking all these things into consideration, a successful indoor guerilla advertisement can be launched in New York City. The city has a lot of infrastructures perfectly suitable for guerilla advertisements like universities, old buildings, centuries-old railway stations Thus, in this sphere, New York City dominates most of the other cities of the world. Checkout some Guerilla Marketing examples from indoors and outdoors.

CAPITALIZE ON THE OPPORTUNITIES: New York is one of the most famous cities in the world. It does not only have famous monuments, but it is also the center of many world activities. So, if a person wants to advertise his product globally, the city provides him with exclusive opportunities. He can engage the whole world with guerilla marketing while just remaining in the city. For example,  the annual session of the United Nations General Assembly is held in New York every year. Almost all the people in the world keenly observe the developments that take place in that city. What one needs to do is to plan a strategy and carry out in such a way that is attractive, engaging but not, in any case,  offensive or insulting. Remember, sometimes a poor strategy can backfire. It is pertinent to mention here that  utmost care must be taken while planning to make it successful.

THINK DIGITALLY: One can hardly find anyone not engaged in technology in a city like New York. Hence, by the optimal use of digital technology, a wide range of people can be engaged. One can do that by providing incentives to people in return for a favor. Most of the companies try or attempt to catch the audience by this method. Proper planning and attention-grabbing content are one of the most important steps for such activities.


New York City is a great place for Guerilla Marketing Advertisement. This marketing has become famous recently because of its wonders. The techniques employed are innovative and engaging enough to take people by surprise.  Since it is cost-effective, big (Google and Tesla) and small companies have resorted to these techniques for their brand promotion.

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