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Instagram has burst into the top three most populated social media platforms driving brands to quickly discover how much they need Instagram management and growth marketing services. Satisfying its users demands for more options, Instagram has created a more versatile user experience. As your brand’s account grows with followers, more and more features will become available for you to use to promote to consumers and engage the viewing public.

New Features Inspire Instagram Growth Marketing

Instagram growth services can take advantage of the ability to tag within profile descriptions along with adding hashtags inside of the profile description in order to effectively market to their chosen audience. Instagram is continuously updating and improving user experience making it the perfect platform for Instagram marketing for business. As a matter of fact, features are being added constantly to the Instagram Stories module transforming it into a prime area for Instagram growth services to blast your brand’s message to your target audience!

Instagram-marketing-for-BusinessInstagram Management for Business

Boost your engagement, traffic, and overall brand traction with Instagram growth services helping you to unlock all the features Instagram offers as you grow. Equally as important as your business website, your Instagram profile has the potential to be seen by the over 800 million active Instagram users. Instagram claims a large share of the mobile traffic on the internet, and if your competitors have better profiles, you stand to lose out on customer conversions.

Grow Your Business On Instagram Safely

With an eye toward privacy and security, both Instagram and Facebook have updated their privacy and user policies. Recently, Mark Zuckerberg testified in front of US congress on data breaches, user terms, and privacy. Both of these mainstream social media giants have also updated their terms of service to ensure a safer platform for businesses, users, and consumers alike.

Capitalizing on location targeting, demographics, and more, Thought Media offers Instagram growth marketing and management services that may help your business explode into new levels of profitability. With a laser sharp focus on your business competition, Though Media can help you grow the customer converting Instagram profile of your dreams. Call today for a Free Needs Analysis 1 (800) 916 3864.

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