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Investor relations is customary for the web and publicly traded businesses. According to some studies, 75%+ of investors in an institution use the business website, or other investment/IR Websites on a daily basis to check for news and information. This is not a surprise because Investor Relation websites are vital tools to provide stakeholders the material and information they seek.

investor-relations-web-designOur goal at Thought Media is to develop informative IR Websites for businesses to entice their stakeholders to visit daily for information, and avoid feeling the need to use third party finance websites. We believe Investor relations web design is to help companies ensure their investors feel connected with the organization and well informed of the corporate activities.

There are some individual investors that are confused and lost-in-translation by overly complex IR web designs and they require easy and simple conclusions of financial data and corporate information. While some corporations provide IR information to invite and keep their investors, they must also bear in mind that they should be realistic about features and content that investors want most. Effortlessness navigation through the website, and a comprehensible story about the company are enhanced methods and suggested, rather than drowning your visitors and potential investors in unconscionable data that’s difficult to find to begin with.

Some features of our investor relations website design are the financials and press rooms which discharge the news, marketing/branding, new undertakings, corporate information, and much more as part of a robust media site that’s very easy to use. There are also SEC filings, which are made available with separate categories of manuscripts and documents. The Live Stock feeds will enable you to communicate share worth and it’s one of the major functions of any IR website design. You can include historical and present stock operation, benchmark evaluations and stock splits with a well thought-out Investor Relations Website.

Ensuring a business has a Mobile-friendly IR website design will ensure your business stakeholders/stockholders are kept well-informed on the go at any time. Since early 2014 there has been significant year over year increases in mobile usage, and search engine traffic. Google has released a VERY important Mobile Algorithm Update in April, 2015 which stipulates that they will prioritize IR Mobile Websites over others which are not mobile responsive. Want to read more on the Google Mobile Algorithm Update? Have a read, or give us a call and we’ll clarify any questions you may have :).

Simply put, if you have a public company/corporation, you will absolutely need an Investor Relations Website Design.. We would love to provide your corporation with a no obligation quote for a Mobile Responsive, and well put together IR Website Design. Contact Us today for your FREE Quote1 800 916 3864 (Toll Free).


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