Starting A Online Store With Mobile Users In Mind

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When starting an e-commerce business, it’s a wise move to cater to your mobile users. The concentration of smartphone and tablet users is growing, both in Canada and worldwide. With more and more smaller screens surfing the Internet in hopes of catching a new purchase, mobile user accommodations need to be made within your e-commerce web design. Mobile users want fast loading times, easy navigation, and an efficient shopping cart.

Vector mobile phone and iconsWhether you’re using a custom ecommerce website design or a month-to-month service provider, it’s important to make sure that your mobile design loads quickly. A custom ecommerce website design is created solely for you, and is often consider superior because you own it. A month-to-month service provider creates your website for you and essentially owns it. If you wanted to move to a different host, you couldn’t take it with you. Whichever e-commerce web design you choose, make sure they offer fast loading speeds.

Whether you’re using dynamic ecommerce website design or a separate mobile website design, your online store needs to take easy navigation for mobile users into consideration. A dynamic ecommerce website design will transform itself to fit whatever screen is accessing your website. If you’re using a separate mobile website design, when a small screen accesses your main website it’ll be transferred to the mobile design. Either method ensures easy navigation for those using small screens. The last thing you want is large images or awkward scrolling on a regular e-commerce web design for mobile users, because if they have trouble navigating your site, they’ll go somewhere else.

mobile phone with a qr code (barcode old)Finally, ensure that your shopping cart is as easy to use for mobile web users as it is for your regular ecommerce website design users. Make sure it’s easy to flip back and forth between seeing what’s in your cart and continuing shopping. You’ll also want your shopping cart to store all of your mobile users credit card information so they don’t have to fill it in every time on that small screen. Whether you choose a premade shopping cart, or have one designed just for you, make sure you take your mobile users into consideration.

By ensuring your mobile users have a wonderful experience shopping your online web store you’ll have higher sales. Fast loading times, easy navigation, and an effective shopping cart will enhance the mobile user’s experience. With so many different options to make your online web store accommodating to mobile users you may want to consult an e-commerce website designer. Our e-commerce web designers here at Thought Media will be glad to answer all of your questions, and take care of all of your mobile ecommerce web design needs.

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