Why use a Canadian Web Design Company?

With all the world to choose from, why choose a Canadian Web Design Company to create your website? The answer comes in two very simple reasons. First, all the talent you need is right here in Canada.  Second, purchasing products and services domestically supports and grows our economy.


Studies show that when you buy domestically significantly more of your money is used to buy products and services from other domestic companies, keeping your money within Canada and bolstering the economy.  When you hire a Canadian Web Design Company, like Thought Media, we in turn will spend that money on our Canadian staff, hydro bill and other necessities, all in Canada.

Buying domestically also helps keep and create more good Canadian Web Design jobs in Canada.  The economy has been tough world wide.  We need to invest in our best resource, us.  We have some of the most brilliant minds in Canada, and some of those minds are staff at any given Canadian Web design Company.

Lastly, buying domestically keeps our IT market growing, bringing in more creative minds and fostering cutting edge websites.  Private sector investment in information technology is just as important as public investment.


Not only does Canada have a technology based culture but it is supported by the government as well. A great deal of money is spent on  research and growth in all areas of science including information technology and quantum computing.  All of this research and development can benefit Canadian Web Design.  New and creative graphic designs are being created.  Faster coding and scripts are being developed.

Over the past two years Canada Web Design and IT in general have been growing.  As businesses innovate, they need a way to express that online.  The grows of Canada’s IT sector has even attracted the attention of the World Congress on Information Technology which hosted its annual three day convention in Montreal this past October.  Canadian companies were not only able to demonstrate their growth and offer their products and services to each other, but to the world as well.

Thought Media is a Canadian Web Design Company based in Toronto, Ontario. Please feel free to visit our work pages to see how we can create an innovative, cutting edge Canadian web design for your company.  Give us a call at 416.628.9411 or 1.800.916.3864 and we’ll be glad to answer your questions and offer you a quote.

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