Google Ads or Social Media Boosted Posts – What’s Better?


social-media-advertisingMarketing and advertising your website is a must but, which is better – Google ads or social media boosted posts? Having an innovative e-commerce website design means nothing if nobody is clicking on it. Social media marketing and search engine advertising are two powerful ways to spread the word of your website to potential as well as loyal customers. Here’s a look at how the two stack up. Call us for your no obligation needs analysis 1 (800) 916 386! 

Google Ads

Google Ads are advertisements for your business that pop up above the organic search engine results when a potential consumer searches for a keyword that you’ve selected. Google also offers video, display, and app ads as well. With Google ads, you don’t pay for them until someone clicks on your ad. You’re charged a price each and every time a user clicks on your ad, hence the name pay per click (or PPC) advertising.

Social Media Advertising

social-media-marketing-servicesSince social media platforms, such as Facebook, have decreased their organic post reach, businesses have begun to rely on boosted posts. A post placed on your business page may only reach as few as 1% of your page viewers organically. When you pay to boost the post, you increase that percentage. Boosting your posts on Facebook and Instagram allows you to do some targeting of your audience, however not as much as a promoted or ad post would.

Which Is Better?

The short answer is that neither social media marketing nor search engine adverting are better, they’re different. Which one you use will depend on your marketing goals. Google and PPC ads tend to result in more direct sales. If your business’s website is well aligned with search engine optimization you’ll have even better results. A post that is boosted on social media usually increases your business’s social engagement analytics, providing value to loyal customers.

Don’t know whether you will benefit more from search engine or social media advertising? Don’t worry! The social media marketing and search engine optimization experts here at Thought Media offer a needs analysis to determine the optimal approach to online marketing for your business. Call us or Click Here for your no obligation needs analysis 1 (800) 916 386! 

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