Three Types Of Logos For Business Growth

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Whether you’re opening up an online web store or developing your ecommerce website design, you’re running a business and you know that you need an effective logo design. A logo design can last for your business’s entire lifetime, so take your time and do your research, both in finding what types of logo design work as well as which logo design firm is right for you. Your business’s logo design needs to have staying power as well as the ability to change over time, accommodating the growth and development which your business will inevitably experience. To help narrow down your choices, below are three types of logo designs which comprise the majority of business logos.


ibm-logo-3-300x212Text only logo design is usually presented in a stylized font. Unless the name of your business changes, this type of logo design can last a long time. Updates can easily be made with changes to the style of the font, while the name remains unchanged. Think of “Coca Cola” and the many changes its gone through over the years.


Logo design can also be a graphic only, no words. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and there’s no place that this is more true than with logo design. This type of logo design will be a tiny image or graphic that represents the essence of your company, and communicates it to consumers with a single glance. A great deal of thought will have to go into the image or graphic that you choose. The color scheme you choose will usually need to work with your website design and business letterhead.


coca-cola-funky-logo1The combination logo design can be the best of both worlds. This design combines both text, usually in a stylized font and graphic to create one dynamic logo. The image or graphic in this logo design tends to be smaller than in a graphic only logo design, so it’s helpful if you keep it simple. Effective combination logo designs blend the best of both worlds to create a logo design that is instantly recognizable by consumers worldwide.


Choosing a logo design that’s going to represent your company for years can be highly stressful. Make sure to do due diligence and investigate the logo designs of companies similar to yours to see if they’re using graphic, text, or combination logo designs. Research which logo designs have been successful for companies like yours and which have failed. Last but not least reach out to logo design experts like ours here at Thought Media. We are eager to answer all your questions and assist you with all of your logo design needs.


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