Why Choose WordPress Web Design and Who Uses It?

WordPress Web Design and ECommerce Development

WordPress Web DesignerWhat Is A WordPress Website?

As content management system WordPress was released in May of 2003. Claiming over 35% of the Internet’s websites WordPress web design accounts for over 455 million sites. The program itself is free and open source. It’s hard to find a company that doesn’t use WordPress for its websites or ecommerce.

Selling With WordPress ECommerce Development

WooCommerce, which was launched in 2011, is the ecommerce plugin that gives WordPress websites their shopping cart functionality. Growing in popularity right along with WordPress, WooCommerce also accounts for a large share of the ecommerce industry. All types of businesses from single person startups to large corporations use WordPress with great results, whether with ecommerce development or without.

Utilising WordPress Web Development

Demonstrating its staying power, WordPress boasts coveted longevity as well as popularity. Both of these things are selling points as they ensure that the platform has a large and supportive community that continues to create plugins and tools that can increase the functionality of your company’s website. One of the most user-friendly platforms that delivers a great visual design, WordPress is well know for providing an exceptional user experience which is in high demand among customers. Additionally, WordPress provides seamless mobile responsiveness meets and exceeds the demands of a consumer base that loves its’ smartphones.

Working With WordPress Web Developers

Featuring an industry leading team of developers, the professionals at Thought Media excel at designing and developing custom web design, as well as websites in all types of platforms including WordPress Web Design, helping companies succeed. If you’re in need of a new WordPress website or a website update, reach out to our friendly web designers at Thought Media for more information.

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