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Online video at the top of web trends 2024 for months into the year and has been trending in the general population’s use of the web, as well as with online marketing, steadily since 2022. We have also seen a steady rise in explainer video content for various products and services. From 2022 to 2023 there was a 32% jump in online video consumption in general and a 114% growths of OTT (over the top video viewing on connected TVs, essentially direct from the internet). Video viewing was slated to continue its upward trend in 2024 before Covid-19 was even considered a factor. Now with large swaths of the population safe at home, online video is soaring and as a business, video marketing is an absolute necessity. We can see this as very apparent with the rise of Zoom Meetings stock, media exposure, and user growth.

Video Streaming in 2024

Online platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and NetFlix have been growing consistently over the years and there’s still room in the marketplace for more. Massive companies like Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, YouTube Red, Hulu, Crave, and many others have started their own streaming services to get a part of the video streaming action. Of course, these companies also leverage their platforms to take advantage of digital marketing to an eager audience.

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Online Video Trends 2024

Since Covid-19 has hit and people across the world are staying at home the demand for video is at an all-time high. While many parts of the global economy have stalled, video production services and companies such as Zoom have grown dramatically with their stock shooting up in value accordingly. Skype, WebEx, and even Google with their new Meetings are also gaining traction. Companies with any video production services abilities or VOIP are shifting to providing online video conferencing and driving up their profits.

Video Marketing Services

If your business has been considering marketing with animated explainer videos or other types, now is the time to take action. Leverage the power of video now with a product explainer video and launch your company ahead of your competition. Service companies can benefit equally as well with a service explainer video. While video used to be considered an option it is now absolutely necessary to have a component in your marketing strategy. Now is the time to harness the trending power of video in order to dominate your industry and convert the maximum amount of customers.

Thought Media Can Help

For over the past 10 years the industry experts at Thought Media have been predicting and preparing for this dramatic shift to digital and can help you take advantage during this turbulent economic crisis. From our most popular request of software explainer videos to website and search engine optimization we stand ready to help your company leverage the power of video in its marketing strategy. If you’re ready to be one of the companies that grow rapidly while others struggle give us a call and we’ll be glad to assist you in all ways digital! Call 1 (800) 916 3864.

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